Mama Olive narrates heartfelt story on motherhood rage

The mom of 3 has explained her struggles with postpartum rage

The content creator has opened up on her struggles after getting kids.
Mama Olive. The content creator has opened up on her struggles after getting kids.
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Tatiana Karanja, also known as Mama Olive, recently opened up about her current motherhood struggles.

Tatiana is well-known for her lifestyle pieces and candor about the motherhood experience.

She recently revealed that about two months after giving birth to her last child, she started experiencing postpartum rage, also known as mum rage.


The content creator did not hold back as she frankly admitted that before this she was unaware of the disease as she had not experienced anything similar with her first two children in a lengthy article titled, "Postpartum rage- My story."

And this issue led her to take out their anger on her kids.


"One of the things I didn't know about was mum rage, see I didn't experience it with my other kids and I'd never heard about it.


But 2 or 3 months after having Nova I started becoming really angry, inexplicably angry," she partly said. 

She continued by saying that she initially attempted to explain away her abrupt change by blaming hormone imbalance or the inability to get a decent night's sleep that comes with having a child, but she quickly recognized it was far more serious than that.


"I started telling myself that it's because of the hormones, it's because of lack of sleep, it's because there's so much on my plate that I'm overworked, over tired and my body isn't coping while believing all of this highly contributed, it was just so much more," the mother of three noted.

She continued by saying that getting over her guilt and venting her anger with others helped her realize that she was experiencing mom rage and that it was a real ailment.

"I found out via sharing my experiences on my sunroom account that Postpartum rage exists. It's been something I've felt so much shame for.

I can't even explain to you how I was feeling because I couldn't and still can't even understand it myself. I would take it out in my kids and that's the hardest thing for me."

Mama Olive asked her followers one last time if they had heard of or had ever experienced mum fury. She then urged them to fight their guilt and get help since mum rage is a real disorder that can occur.

"Did you know that both postpartum rage and postpartum depression are on the spectrum of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders?! 

I just wanted to let you know (if you're experiencing something similar) that as shameful and bad as you may feel, it is normal, and it requires some support, so please please do get some if you can in the form of a professional.

You're not alone mama, and it will get better."

Sending love and light to all the mums battling with postpartum depression, like Tatiana said it'll get better, and push yourself to get help and a support system.