Yvette Obura reacts to the disturbing video of DJ Brownskin & his late wife

The mother of one shared how the video had broken her heart as she prayed for the kids

Yvetter Obura

Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura has come out to condemn Kenyan spin master DJ Brownskin after a video of him allegedly watching his wife take her own life. 

Taking to her Instagram page Yvette highlighted that she had been disgusted by the news and was praying for the kids through it all.

"The video of the famous reggae DJ recording his wife taking poison is just sick! It is sickening," started off the mother of one.

With a heavy heart she went on to add, "man didn't even flinch, just sat there as his wife was grasping for air!

Yvette noted the fact that their kids were in the house and got to horrifically watch their mother in a disturbing state is sad. 

"All this in the presence of their kids! In the presence of their kids makes it even worse. I am beyond disgusted." Yvette wrote before sending a prayer up for the departed lady and her kids.

The last of Yvette's post read, "May the beautiful lady rest in perfect peace and in future may God give the children enough grace." 

Earlier on in the day a disturbing video of a Kenyan woman identified as Sharon Njeri alias Shadodo taking her own life emerged. 

Sharing passed away in July 2022.

Disturbing video of DJ Brownskin's wife before her death emerges

In the video, the late Sharon is seen taking an alleged poisonous substance as her husband psyches her on. She then goes ahead to lie on a seat as she agonizes with her pain.

At some point she is heard telling her kids she is dying. The man asks one of the kids to give their mother some of the milk that he has asked the house help to bring for the lady.

"I'm done. Tell my kids and people I love them," Brownskin's wife mumbles in the video.

Before Sharon actually takes her life, a man alleged to be Brown Skin is heard sarcastically asking her to mix the concoction that would soon take her life.

The entire time the man is comfortably seated and does nothing to save his wife.

At some point, he asks the house help to bring some milk but doesn't bother to help his wife. Sadly Sharon succumbed to the alleged poison.

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