Cebbie Koks

Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, popularly known as Cebbie Koks Nyasego has opted to burst the bubble for those waiting for her comment on her sister Akothee’s wedding that happened on Monday.

In an Insta-story, Cebbie acknowledged that she is aware that bloggers have been waiting for her comment but unfortunately, she is not going to feed their curiosity. 

In her update, Koks noted that she will not allow bloggers to shape their narratives by giving them what they want. 

"How blogs be waiting for me to say a word so they can reshape to fit their narrative captioning with 'Cebbie Koks breaks silence with a cryptic message’

"Mtangoja sana nyinyi blog," she wrote.

Cebbie Koks Nyasego's post

On Monday, Cebbie Koks was among the notable figures who were absent at Akothee’s wedding. 

Her absence at the wedding ceremony elicited mixed reactions among netizens. 

Towards the end of last year, singer Akothee failed to attend her younger sister's wedding when she was getting married to Lawyer Steve Ogolla.

In October last year, Akothee opened up about her feud with Cebbie and announced that she would not be attending her events and that people should not expect to see her sister at her events.

Akothee claimed that the quarrel between her and her younger sister became bigger because her family often failed to intervene.

"Things landed on my table that broke me but didn't kill me, again no one reached out a hand, and I was left to fight alone. Again, as the eldest of them, things were forced down my throat. I accepted being big until I was reduced to a doormat," she said.  

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