Businessman Narendra Raval

Businessman Narendra Raval has revealed details of his monthly electricity bill that is running into millions.

Appearing on JKL Live, the Devki Group of Companies Founder and Chairman said that on the lower side, he pays KPLC at least Sh700 Million in electricity bills and on the higher side a whooping Sh900 million.

Raval further disclosed that his company's expenses amount to approximately Sh2 billion every month.

He has employed at least 11, 000 people across his companies. 

"When it is low season we pay Sh700 million to Kenya Power otherwise we pay Sh800 million to Sh900 million every month," 

"I must be the largest...they should give me the award but I never got it," Raval said on a lighter note.  

The billionaire businessman also revealed that his company also produces its own power despite the heavy electricity bill they remit to KPLC monthly.

Narendra Raval is a businessman who has invested heavily in steel and cement manufacturing. 

He noted that just a few months ago he was paying at least Sh400 million to KPLC but the recent increase in electricity charges has changed the dynamics. 

"Our overheads, salaries, and power only come to Ksh.2 billion every month. So we have to look for Ksh.200 million every day apart from Sunday," he said.

During the interview, the Billionaire made it clear that he doesn’t do business with the government. 

"I have never done work with the government...I don't supply to the government, not today but it is part of our policy.

"I have never dealt with the government since I was born. I'm very honest with you. Mimi ni pastor, my name is Guru," said Raval.

The father of three further acknowledged that 50% of his company's income goes to Charity.

"My family keeps me going. I am a family man, I have 3 children and my wife. My 11,000 people whom I see working and going home smiling, keeps me going every day because that is what is giving me motivation to go to work," he added.

Narendra Raval

Narendra Raval is a Kenyan industrialist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist of Indian Gujarati origin. Raval serves as the Executive Chairman of the Devki Group of Companies, a conglomerate in East Africa that manufactures steel, aluminum, and cement.

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