Morning Kiss Presenter Sheila Kwambox has revealed her deal breaker in a relationship.

According to the former beauty queen, she would never want to date a short guy.

Being more than 6 Feet herself, Sheila says short men aren't her cup of tea.

Sharing the qualities of her ideal man with her co-host Oga Obinna, she narrated

"I want a tall man."


"The other two qualities can be replaced by money and maybe light-skinned, instead of the usual tall, dark, and handsome."

According to Kwambox, most Kenyan men are of average height.

"No woman wants a short man. Most Kenyan men are 5 inches.

Obinna went on to defend men arguing the proverbial phrase that the shorter the monkey the longer the tail

"A man is a man whether tall or short. "

The duo was reacting to a recent story where a  41-year-old man in the US underwent painful surgery to grow five inches (12.7 centimeters).

This was after feeling insecure about his height

Moses Gibson, originally 5 foot 5 inches, struggled to find a girlfriend because of his height.

Gibson,  initially turned to medication and a “spiritual healer” to try to increase his height.

“I just didn’t feel good about myself,” Gibson told Kennedy News and Media, saying he was subjected to “heightism.”


“I was unhappy about it most of the time,” he candidly continued. “It was my self-confidence in general, and with the ladies. It affected my dating life. I used to put things in my shoes to gain a little bit of height, but it wasn’t very much.”

A desperate Gibson began taking pills he procured over the internet that promised to make him taller.

He also began talking with a spiritual healer, who told him he could increase his height if he properly put his mind to it.

But when the medication and magical thinking both failed to produce added inches on a height chart, Gibson realized a pricey and painful leg-lengthening surgery was his last resort.

Ladies do you love short men or do you prefer tall men?