Jua Cali

Legendary Kenyan musician Jua Cali has come out to clear the air following an online discussion that his new album is a big ‘flop’.

For the past few days, Netizens have been discussing Jua Cali’s album – a section terming it a flop as far as YouTube numbers are concerned.

However, Jua Cali has dismissed that narrative, stating that his new project is doing very well on other streaming platforms.

According to the veteran star his Album is already trending on TikTik with impressive numbers on Spotify, iTunes, Audimack, and others platforms.

“Fans wangu! Dont be fooled na hawa haters trying to push a certain narrative 😂😂😂 Landscape ya music industry imechange currently my 1st single ‘WAJAKOYA’ is BIG (Trending) on TikTok na Tiktok sai ndio kusema Youtube is just part of the ecosystem Fans are listening to the Album thru different platforms numbers za UTU UZIMA Spotify, Itunes, AudioMack, etc so far ziko sawa," Jua Cali said in part. 

In his explanation, Jua Cali disclosed that it took him three years to put the Album together.

Jua Cali's album

We went on to urge his fans to listen to the Album and give their honest opinions.

“I took 3 good years to record hii Album the way it's structured you are supposed to love the music on your own without outside influence, kuna watu kadha already wanainconsider a classic so ukipata time skiza utapenda UTU UZIMA Available on all streaming platforms. Shukran WAGENGE,” Jua Cali said.

Have you listened to Jua Cali’s Album? What’s your favorite Jam?

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