Nonini and Clemmo

US-based Kenyan musician Nonini has blasted his former music producer Clemmo after hinting that he needs a share of the money he was awarded in a lawsuit against influencer Brian Mutinda.

In a recent interview, Clemmo who is the founder of Calif Records (Nonini’s former label) weighed in on the ruling –stating that the song that earned Nonini millions was his idea.

“Someone got paid or rather a judgment was passed and someone was favoured and got paid for work that I did. Did you hear my name being mentioned anywhere? That track is mine, it's my idea and I didn’t get paid.

"I can’t go for that cash, I’m above that but I’m trying to imagine these other producers who are coming up, wanasuffer aje,” Clemmo said in an interview with SMP Buzz.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Nonini blasted Clemmo saying “Ignorance sometimes huwa Mbaya,”.

The 'We Kam' hitmaker went on to state that he will address Clemmo’s concerns once he has finalized his ongoing lawsuit with Mutinda.

“Ngojeni kwanza nimalizane na influencer and the company then nikuje ni deal na hii ufala yenyu.

“You do know every citizen has the right to appeal any court decision as per our constitution. ???? 😅 ( So reading about things on mtandao utakaa fala sana),” he said in part.

Nonini added that Clemmo also had the opportunity to sue when the song was used without their consent.

“Also if you feel your rights were infringed you are at all liberty to open a suit against the 2 (influencer and company) But court systems are about Facts not emotional outbursts on social media. You gotta prove your case. 

“I have invested my time and resources in the suit which you can do the same ( Hii mambo haitaki uzembe) are we clear?

He concluded his statement by saying Also I can be petty about so many things. If you want us to go down that road! Shokde Lee tunakam kuchunguza...

“NB: in the meantime, Kuna mention this case tomorrow let me FOCUS!,”.

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