I'm single - Comedian Mammito gives up on Nairobi men

Comedian Mammito has declared she may remain single for life.

The comedian on the YouTube channel admits she is single and not ready to mingle.

"I am single" she repeats severally

She gives her reason why;

"It's because of my personality, I am a loud woman"

When she makes the crowd laugh, the comedian gets serious revealing its because of character development

"I'm single but men in Nairobi weuh mimi I have ogad mikono. Im like no, nada, aha ah, no character development nah," she shared raising her hands.

"You know men in Nairobi every day is like you are auditioning to see if it's you, women out here do things, you do things for him, you are there cooking chapati, ndengu let talk about this,".

Mammito challenged the women in the audience to show if they do the most for men "You go all the way to Eastleigh to buy curtains.

You are there bargaining with that Somali guy, you buy meat, you bebana with that thing all the way to Kamukunji to buy a sufuria, after that, you are making a meal for my man, you are their making chapati, potato stew"

Mammito continued mocking women for going the extra mile of ensuring she buys clothes and perfumes to smell nice for a man.

"You can't afford to buy Victoria's Secret, so you go and buy Kinuthias secret hapo Gikomba, you are serving his bed of rice with your Kinuthia secret eh, washing the duvet, do you know how hard it is to wash a duvet when you don't have a washing machine?" she asked

"Then after that, you wash under the bed, so you need to take the rug or a t-shirt that you are given at the promotion, and then.." demonstrating how women wash their house " Then after doing all these, he tells you you are not the one. 

The audience claps and laughs aloud in agreement.

She told that she is not ready for marriage. She said she wants to be a sugar mama, and that all young men want are sneakers.

"I think that the older as a woman the more you know yourself, the more you can direct people on how to do it, I will be like pour that beetroot juice all over my body."

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