Mammito mortified after performing with open zipper (video)

"Excuse me guys. Wow! Did you see anything?," she asked the audience.

Image: Instagram

Comedian Eunice Mammito had an embarrassing episode on stage during one of the comedy shows a few days ago.

The comedienne was performing on stage when one of her fellow comedians, noticed that the zipper. of her pants was down.

She went up on stage to inform her in front of her audience.

Wanda was seen whispering inaudible words in the ear of the Churchill Show comedian who immediately bent down a little to pull her zipper up with some obvious embarrassment visible on her face.

"Excuse me guys. Wah! You see. Did you see anything?" she asked her audience who could be heard laughing loudly.

She later seemed relieved and joined the fans in laughter after she was convinced that they saw nothing.

"That was a shame. What? It's good that you told me (Wanda) I did that," he said.

The comedian joked that men were staring at her because her zipper was down.

"Guys, you were very happy. That's why the men were looking at me like that, I was wondering what's wrong? You all can't be smiling like that," she said.

Plus, she joked that he had just come off a brief fling.

Watch the video;