Mammito fails to attend Butita's comedy show

Mammito confirmed she'd parted ways with Butita two months ago

Mammito opens up on dating
Mammito. Mammito opens up on dating
Image: Instagram

On Saturday media personality and comedian, Eddie Butita held his much-anticipated comedy show Laughs and Jazz at the Kenyan National Theatre.

The sold-out show had a lot of stars (especially from the comedy industry) present. From self-proclaimed king of comedy Eric Omondi to Abel Mutua, Terrence creative and his wife however a face that most were looking forward to seemed nowhere in sight the entire evening.

Fellow actress and Butita's ex-girlfriend, Mammito Eunice did not show up for the Laugh and Jazz festival leading most to speculate that maybe the two had a little bad blood between them months after their breakup.

Mammito in a few interviews has hinted that she's actually doing better after their separation.

Recently made a joke that she'd even grown bigger after their separation, further asking anyone interested to slide in her DM and shoot their shot.

Rumours mills of the two no longer being together started spinning last year during Butita's 29th birthday party.

All eyes had been on his lover and fellow comedian, Mammito.

The award-winning comedienne has been missing in action and hadn't been engaging her online fans. Many expected her to resurface on Butita's birthday and shower her man with love. But alas! She didn't.

The 'Naibuz' actress has revealed that she and the Netflix content creator are no more
Eddie Butita with Mammito in a file photo. The 'Naibuz' actress has revealed that she and the Netflix content creator are no more
Image: Instagram

As usual, netizens noticed and Butita was left to address speculations that the two had called it quits especially after Mammito went ahead and unfollowed Butita on Instagram.

When Mpasho's Mbuthia reached out to Butita, the highly sought-after comedian issued vague answers surrounding their relationship.

Asked why he thinks Mammito didn't wish him a happy birthday Butita said. 

"I think she will be in the best position to answer that. Call her and you will get the correct answer. My answer might be wrong or right."

How are they as a couple? Is there trouble in paradise?

"All these questions you should ask Mammito. Ask her where she has been. Ask her why she didn't wish me a happy birthday. After you have called her then you can call me back and tell me what she has said, then we can talk." Butita responded.

Two months ago, Mammito confirmed she was dating someone new while throwing subtle shade at her ex.

"Do I look like being single even for a day? The moment someone leaves me, others are already queued,"

She further expressed that the mystery man she was dating was not a public figure but a low-key person.

"Ni mtu low-key." (It's someone with a low-key profile)

Adding to her statement, she said that she was in his company as she traversed the Maasai Mara.

Mammito has a comedy show coming up on the 10th of December to celebrate 7 years in the entertainment industry as a comedian.

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