Bensoul confirms break up from Noni after years of dating

The singer had promised to marry the social media influencer after his cheating scandal

whom he said he is going to marry have reportedly broken up
Bensoul with his girlfriend Noni Gathoni whom he said he is going to marry have reportedly broken up
Image: Moses Mwangi

Kenyan recording and performing artist Bensoul has revealed that he's no longer together with his long-term girlfriend social media personality Noni Gathoni.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve the "Favourite Song" hitmaker revealed that he is now single.

"Niko kama Harmonize I am single si mingle but I'm single...." Revealed Ben as he jokingly went on to sing along to Harmonize's global song.


On why the two split up Ben said, "Well, love comes and goes and sometimes you try and fix things, you try and work on things but you get to a point where it's not possible but that is life."

He added that the two were however still friends and Noni was actually supporting his projects. Turns out she attended Ben's "Lion of Suddah" as just a friend and not his partner.

"Si ety sisi ni maadui, we still support each other and all that. It just ended and we tried but sometimes you guys can try being together but deep in your hearts you both can feel it's not right, and you're forcing things" added the artist.


Ben clarified that their split had nothing to do with his cheating scandal maintaining that they had sorted that out and Noni had been supportive through the whole fiasco.

Bensoul confirms breakup with girlfriend Noni Gathoni
Image: KISS FM

8 months ago during an interview with former Kiss 100 host Kamene Goro on her ' Good Vibes Only' show, the former Sol Generation signee Bensoul revealed that he would marry his long-term girlfriend Noni Gathoni any day any time. 

Kamene curious to know how long the two had been together, Ben excitedly replied," three years and counting, she is such an amazing human being"

To which Kame gushed over the statement before adding that Ben should now wife up Noni. "You can't date a girl for three years! It's about time you marry her...."    

Ben nervously laughing asking  the Babes CEO not to rush him as everything takes time. " Hizi vitu hazina haraka... sina haraka."

"Would you marry her though?" A curious Kamene not ready to let the subject die asked the sensational musician. 

Ben without hesitation said he will. Listen people he did not say, " I would" meaning he was thinking about it or it might or might not happen. He said," I will" with certainty.

" She has held me down in the craziest times, she is a real one. Trust me I know," Ben said with admiration.

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