Murugi Munyi
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Murugi Munyi is having the time of her life while on her European tour.

The co-host of the TMI podcast took her first international flight last week to go visit her husband Zach who currently works in London and she has been documenting almost every single activity she engages in while in the country.

One of the things that caught Murugi by surprise while in the country is the lack of affordable househelps in the region.

Speaking about the matter Murugi shared a picture on her Instagram stories of a crowd of people waiting in line which she captioned,"I have to admit it feels kind of strange to see people out and about with all their children and it is not the weekend. 

Of course cause there are no nannies, people generally go places with their kids. The African in me who has 2 full-time nannies cannot relate truly." The first part of the digital content creator's post read.

She went on to had that she has never really internalized how good she has it living in Kenya as labour it is affordable.

Murugi also pointed out the fact that if she was to move to the UK the adjustment might be super huge for her.

"I guess we have it good with affordable/ cheap labour in Africa. If I moved here, it would require a huge adjustment," the last part of her post read.

Another thing that has the mother of 3 super elated while in her trip in the UK is their cab service.

She took to her Instagram stories to share a cute moment she had after she ordered a cab and to her delight a Tesla arrived.


"Done at the museum and I'll recap in a bit but guys let me tell you!!! I have called for a cab and guess what arrives? A Tesla! It is a Tesla guys! I'm so excited you would think Elon Musk himself will be driving." Murugi excitedly wrote.

She shared another video of her inside the cab riding in the back seat where she recorded herself making excited faces and silent screams. Murugi captioned the video, "me being excited but only when the cab driver is looking out the window so I don't look like a crazy person."

Finishing off her excited posts of being in a Tesla Murugi shared a picture of the interior of the vehicle marvelling over how it looked.

"The dashboard has nothing just this screen!" An excited Murugi wrote as she showed off the dashboard and steering wheel of the vehicle.

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