'I've never been dumped!' Nicah the Queen boasts

The artist revealed this while shaming people for using the 'kuoga na kurudi soko' slogan

The musician maintains she has never been dumped
Gospel artist Nicah the Queen The musician maintains she has never been dumped

Gospel artist Nicah the Queen has revealed that she has never been the one getting dumped in any relationship she has ever been in.

Nicah maintained that she is royalty just as her industry moniker suggests thus why she has never ever been dumped.

The artist revealed this while responding to a fan who had commented under her post where she faulted Kenyans for misusing the slogan "kuoga na kurudi soko."


According to Nicah, she feels the slang has caused a lot of young girls to sell their bodies and sleep with any man that comes their way as well as being a factor in many relationships and marriages collapsing.

She went on a long rant faulting the slogan and asking Kenyans to drop the darkness that it carries.

Part of her post read, "Form si kuoga na kurudi soko!!! This slang carries too much darkness and is being used to initiate our young girls to prostitution and dark activities.


Be woke and alert don't just move with the trend because people have sold their souls to the devil and there is a move to destroy young girls and women! Ask yourself why is it that only women carry this slang?"

She finished off by highlighting that it was the Holy Spirit that had sent her with the message and she had nothing to apologize for.

"I have said what the Holy Spirit has instructed me to... that is all!!! #Jesus Girl," the last of her post read.

Responding to her long post, a netizen asked the artist to get off her high horse given the fact that if it weren't for "kurudi soko" Nicah wouldn't be engaged to her fiance Dj Slahver.

"Sasa mbona unajam na vile uliachwa na Ofweneke kama si kurudi soko ungepata Slahver wapi?" The netizen identified as Nimore_Kenya wrote.

A triggered Nicah responded to the comment ignoring everything else and going straight to address her split with her baby daddy.

The gospel musician wanted to set one thing straight, she wasn't dumped, she did the walking away!

"Honey I have never been dumped my whole life... I'm naturally a queen," Nicah responded.

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