Singer Sainaipe Tande
Image: courtesy

Award-winning actress and singer Sanaipei Tande has been trending for the better part of today on Twitter.

This is after the singer shared a series of photos that landed her in trouble with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

A section of Tweeps accused Sanaipei of dressing indecently, something that has attracted mixed reactions.

However, others were quick to dismiss the narrative, stating that those accusing the singer of dressing inappropriately were just projecting their insecurities on her.

Activist Boniface Mwangi also joined the conversation, calling out body shammers who had hopped on the trend to talk ill of Sanaipei’s body.

Singer Suzzana Owiyo also joined the conversation defending Sanaipei saying the singer is at liberty to dress the way she wants.

She added that no one was entitled to speak of other people's ages.

"Let Sanaipei Tande be. I don't see any problem with her dressing & to all ladies out there, no matter your age, be you, do you. Let no one tell you that you're ever past your prime," Owiyo said.

On the flip side, the same photos posted on Instagram attracted lots of positive vibrations from her followers.   

Being in the limelight comes with a lot of pressure, from people having high expectations of you to everyone meddling with your life since you have no privacy and you have to keep up with rumors and negative stories.

Many may think celebrities live a perfect life, but they are humans too and some have been battling with issues that we know nothing about and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind on social media.

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