Colonel Mustafa

A group of well-wishers, steered by Fauz Khalid have raised over Sh600, 000 for rapper Colonel Mustafa and his family as of Saturday 9:00 PM.

Khalid has been giving updates on the progress of the funds drive and by Saturday night, Mustafa’s mobile phone wallet had reached capacity.

“We are at Sh600,000. Those trying to send cash and failing should try after midnight as he (Mustafa) has surpassed his daily limit. A pay bill will be up by Monday I am speechless!! Khalid said.

He went ahead to thank Kenyans who have come out to help Colonel Mustafa and his family.

“This is an appreciation tweet for all of you who have come out to help Colonel Mustafa. ‘Angels everywhere’ was my friend Felix Masi’s favourite phrase I see angels everywhere on this app Stay Blessed, you all heroes,” he said in another post.

On his Mustafa said;

“Kuna jamaa alipost na number imetembea kote. For now watu wanaweza nitumia kwa number yangu na ni rahisi kuongea na mimi kujua chenye kinafanyika,”.

The amount is expected to increase as many Kenyans continue to empathise with the rapper.

“Colonel Mustafa’s story reminds me of my own story. There is a time I was at my lowest and I would travel all the way to Gikomba, buy some ‘tools’ and I would bring the ‘tools’ all the way to Mombasa where my customers were.

“I had some loyal friends who would buy the ‘tools’ week in and week out and I would make at least Sh30,000 per trip That was like 120,000 a month. All bills were sorted Alhamdulillah,” Fauz Khalid.

Mustafa had appealed to Kenyans to help him get a job or revamp his shop which was almost closing due to a lack of capital.

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