Colonel Mustafa

CAS Jaguar and his close friends have fundraised almost Sh1 million for struggling rapper Colonel Mustapha.

Speaking while handing over the money, CAS Charles Njagua aka Jaguar, told that Mustapha is an old friend.

He told that close to 15 friends got together after hearing about his plight. 

"Tumepnaga kumpelekea kwa mamake on Tuesday...hajwahi tutusi, hajawahi kutufanyia madharau kwa hivy o ni mtu kama familia yangu"

"Nilimjua nikiwa kijana mdogo nikifanya kazi Chemist huko Tena."

Jaguar also told that Mustapha guided him to Ogopa studios back then.

Jaguar told he was surprised to hear that Mustapha need help after going viral

"Hakuna siku alinipigia kuniambia ako kwa shida. Na kuna watu wanajua kujikakamua kamam mtu ako kwa shida"

In an interview heard by Mpahso on Trudy Kitui's YouTube channel Thursday, May 11, Mustapha thanked Kenyans including Jaguar and assured them the money would not be misused.

"Ni ndugu yetu".

"The good thing about the team we formed, consists of people well known to Mustapha like Big Ted and Sonko. We had asked him the day he is free so that we deliver the money to his mother personally," he added about fundraising for Mustapha

The group will also find ways to get him back to music, "ile kitu muhimu ni kumsaidia kwa matibabu ya maa yake"

Mustapha thanked Jaguar for revealing how he plans to use the money. He will have two accounts for his mum and himself.

Once his mother returns to good health he will fix her home "Nitajaribu sana kummalizia kibanda yake, nyumba ambayo anaishi haiko fiti nitamsaidia juu chini kumfurahisha," Her dream is to go to Mecca.

Kenyans of goodwill have also contributed over Sh600k after Twitter bigwig Fauz Khalid appealed to KOT.

This was after a video of him working at a construction site went viral.

He later explained that things had gotten tough and he had to find a means to earn a living.

He said he did not want to ask for help.

Mustapha also confessed that his mother is ailing and her medical needs are expensive. She is undergoing chemotherapy.