Freshley Mwamburi
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City Politician Alinur Mohamed has shared pointers of what Netizens can learn from the Freshly Mwamburi’s betrayal story.

For the years I have known social media, every 17th of May, #Stella must be a trending topic, as Kenyans from all walks of life have made it a ritual to stand and tweet in solidarity with Freshley Mwamburi in commemoration of the day he was betrayed by his sweetheart.

And in line with this noble course, Alinur used his socials to share lessons people can learn from the whole scenario.


He briefly narrated what May 17th is all about as far as Freshley Mwamburi is concerned before dishing out the nuggets. 

“17th May is quickly becoming a remembrance day in Kenya for all men who’ve lost money and wealth at the altar of seducing women.

Stella was a lover of Freshley Mwamburi sponsored for further studies in Japan only to land at the JKIA three years later with a baby and a Japanese husband. Mwamburi chanced his arm with Stella and sold all he had to finance her trip and stay abroad,” Alinur wrote.

He further shared the lessons;

Five lessons every man can learn from Mwamburi’s heartbreak:

1. You only give money to your wife

2. Long-distance relationships don’t work

3. Don’t worship women

4. You never go back

5. Secure your loans to women. If for some reason you’re not legally married to a woman whose education you’re sponsoring, the best guarantee is to demand she bears you two sons first. Not daughters, sons. The former is a flight risk.

In his hit song Stella Wangi- Freshley Lucas Mwamburi, vividly remembers the day Stella landed at the airport, in the company of his Japanese hubby, an act that broke his heart, to the extent of making him hit the studio and record a song.

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