Fantana fires back savagely after being attacked by Zari Hassan

The war of words between Diamond Platnumz's alleged mistress Fantana and his baby mama Zari Hassan has taken a new twist.


The two have shifted their fights from their Reality series Young Famous and African for Netflix to Instagram as they bash each other.

Zari began the war by attacking Fantana over her close relationship with Diamond Platnumz and their intimate conversations.

The mother of five got offended after Platnumz told Fantana that Zari wanted to get a third child with him.

However, Zari refuted the claims branding Diamond as a liar who was out to clout chase using her name.

She went on to attack Fantana stating that she was a cheap ‘woman’ who was out to disrespect her for fame.

She also alleged that the US-based Ghanaian singer had done more than five BBL to fix her body yet she is all over bragging.

“…Stop putting me in situations with low-life whores for clout. I've noticed u live for clout, without it, u can't breathe. I'm a self-made billionaire and | will not have your sperm bins (put me in a category | don't belong) failed music career with 5 bbls, face like he/she and still couldn't get to be noticed (sighs),” Zari blasted Fantana.

Zari Hassan and Fantana
Image: courtesy

In a quick rejoinder, Fantana fired back discrediting Zari who had described herself as a self-made millionaire.

"Do you know what it means to be a billionaire? I guess they're just handing out the billionaire status title for free ® someone please give this lady her medication®, 5 bbls?," Fantana questioned. 

She also bashed Zari for reconstructing her body to look like her. Before accusing Zari of being married to a High School Boy. 

“You literally have reconstructed your entire body to look like me. Have you seen where your belly button is? ® failed career? ‘what did you accomplish

"When you were 25? you found access to an iPhone and fake ass life, and let's not forget your sex tape since you think you're better than everyone, & now you're ‘married to a high school boy. look like she/he? You literally SHAK anytime you see me, be for real," Fantana said. 

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