Newly-married Zari shocks after intimately kissing female celeb

The socialite got married to her young boyfriend Shakib, last month during ramadhan

Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur turned reality TV star Zari Hassan is facing a lot of backlash after she was spotted kissing a fellow lady online.

Fans/followers are calling her out for what they term as loose behaviour and a warped representation of her Islamic religion especially seeing as she just got married recently.

Zari on her Instagram stories had posted a video of her and her friend enjoying a night out. The two looked super joyful as they sang along to the background music.


Her friend then turns and plants a warm kiss of Zari's kiss and the socialite smiling kisses her back.

The mother of 5 clearly saw no fault with the moment shared between them as she posted it on her Instagram stories and even tagged the lady who had planted a kiss on her lips.

And the lady happens to be none other than South African actress Pearl Thusi from the hit Netflix movie Queen Sono.

Zari Hassan kissing South African actress Pearl Thusi

Zari had attended Pearl's 35th birthday party without her young husband Shakib Lutaaya.

Netizens are calling out the Ugandan socialite for the public display of what they term as indecency and a spat to her religion. Highlighting it was a dangerous act of sin while others asked if she was unsatisfied with her husband. 

Most criticized her for openly kissing a lady when her Nikah was just a moth ago and also for the fact that LGBTQ is terribly looked down upon in Islam.

Unbothered by the remarks the mother of 5 went ahead to post a video of her in a revealing green tank top paired with tight black pants topped off with a blonde wig and a full face beat.

The video was accompanied by an audio that goes, "you are just posting that for attention... yeah obviously bih" followed by beats as it signs off.

A month ago on Snapchat Zari telling off haters stated that no one is in a position to dictate how she lives her life. " I live in my own lane, I do my own things. I do what I feel is right, I do not have competition," said the reality TV star.

What do you all think about this?

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