Zari addresses people criticising her behaviour during Ramadan

Critics were calling out the socialite for listening to nonreligious music and not dressing accordingly

Zari Hassan responds to people criticizing her behaviour during ramadhan
Image: Instagram

Ugandan entrepreneur and reality TV star Zari Hassan has released a statement calling out netizens attacking her for some of the things that she has been doing and her choice of music that is deemed nonreligious during the Ramadan period.

Calling out her criticizes Zari posted a video where she went on a rant advising the critics to focus on their own Ramamdhan and let God be the judge of them all.

Zari went on to ask them if they were so holy what they were doing online and engaging with content that they knew they shouldn't hva anything to so with it during the holy month.


"I want to talk to and about people who are in my DM's who think that they are the holiest of the holiest... People out here telling me 'Oohh you are not supposed to be listening to such kind of music it is Ramadan.'

First off what are you doing online? What are you doing on the internet during Ramadhan? What are you doing going around looking at people's content?

You shouldn't be on the internet during Ramadan as it exposes your eyes to things that you are not supposed to see because you are fasting," started the mother of 5 in her angry rant.

Zari went on to add that these critics were committing far bigger sins by judging her.


"What are you doing on the internet seeing as you are very holy? Aren't you supposed to be at home all day fasting, praying salat, and making dua? Because you are very holy.

Listen, God isn't going to judge me or anyone else because of what you think or say. Because you think I'm doing wrong but honey you are doing the worst, you are doing the most.

Let my heart speak, let God look into my heart and decide if my Ramadhan is acceptable, not you," the last of Zari's rant said.

She followed up the earlier rant video with another post of her listening to baby daddy's music.

In the video, the mother of 5 was seen happily jamming to her ex-husband's Diamond Platinumz hit song "My Baby" as she drove her range rover around town.


The socialite said she will continue doing what she pleases and what she feels is right and leave God to be the judge but not man.

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