Zari Hassan and Akothee

On Tuesday, renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee faced a complicated question about what happened between her and her former close friend, socialite Zari Hassan.

Akothee had commented on the second episode of the recently released Young, Famous and African movie where she praised popular Nigerian model Swanky Jerry for his style and sense of humor.

"Swanky. Young Famous African Disruption. @swankyjerry is the show itself, this guy makes me laugh. When he comes in, the atmosphere changes. Swanky is that one Friend in the group who you never know when and how to talk about him... His fashion sense! Humour needs a certain level of mind," Akothee said.

The mother of five made it clear that she was following the reality series in France. As expected, her fans gathered under the post to comment on the post and others about the episode.

Some of them wanted to inquire about her old best friend, Zari.  An Instagram user asked her what happened between her and the co-parent of Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

"Speaking of Swanky Jerry, what happened between you and Zari you were best friends, I remember you being in her corner?" a fan asked him.

Akothee replied, "Do you want to start another show besides Netflix? What do you want to know?"

However, she did not provide further details regarding the fan's question. In another response to a fan, the 43-year-old singer appeared to defend Zari over her feud with Fantana.

"But Fantana did Zari badly! Eish, she's her dawa!!" a fan wrote under the post.

Appearing to defend the mother of five, Akothee said, "No, Fantana is a disrespectful little girl who needs to grow up. You can't win the baby mama battle. I didn't like her, hakuna dawa hapo."

The old friends both tied the knot last month, Akothee with Denis Schweizer on April 10 before Zari tied the knot with Shakib Lutaaya a few days later.

There were claims that Zari got married due to pressure after her ex-friend got married, claims she came out to dismiss.

"I am not competing with anyone. Now just because someone in another country got married, people should not get married again. Was he the first to get married?" he said.

Zari Hassan and Akothee