Otile Brown buys new Range Rover Vogue
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Singer Otile Brown has acquired a brand new Range Rover Vogue worth millions.

The Malipo hitmaker made the news public on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, by sharing videos and photos of his new car.

“Another one! 🗣️New Range Rover Vogue for yours truly bizee! Ambia wakali wako next time tuongee investment .. hii shuhuli ndogo lol! Easyyyy! 🚀,” Otile Brown shared.

A new Range Rover Vogue is estimated to cost at least Sh13 million and above depending on the year of Manufacture.

Before acquiring the Range Rover, Otile was a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz and BMW 7 series.

Otile Brown buys new car

He acquired the Mercedes Benz E-class in 2019, months after buying his dream car.

“Another one, Everything is possible Fam. Thank you Lord ..Couldn’t wait for my birthday which is in 2 months..had to gift myself with a new AMG .work hard, pray, stay humble, and always know your worth. New year's Blessings. Am coming to #BadMan#wegotnothingbutlove #MyNewBaby” read Otile’s caption back in 2019.

In November 2018, Otile bought his first Mercedes Benz, after being shamed by his Ex-girlfriend Vera Sidika.

The ‘Hi’ crooner shared a photo of his then-new whip with one of the hashtags reading #Karma.

“Am a special Aries... Am favoured. Y’all don’t know what you just did. Now I’ma fk this game up #inshaallah. Shout out to my brother #MwangiMercedes bless you brother #sisihatunahela .#BadMan.” Wrote Otile.

In June 2020, Otile again bought a brand new BMW, as a gift for his debut Album ‘Just in Love’.

“New car for my first Album. Album dropping Tomorrow. New car alert 🚨 BMW 7 series 🙏 Album completion gift,” he wrote in 2020.

In March 2023, Otile gifted his nephew and photographer Calvince a brand-new car for his birthday.

"My Nephew’s new toy is here. @calvincephotography Happy birthday!", He captioned the video.

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