2 BMWs in 3 weeks! Shorn Arwa given another beast by hubby

Her man had gotten her a BMW X1 less than 3 weeks ago

Shorn Arwa
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Shorn Arwa is over the moon after her Nigerian husband upgraded her from a BMW X1 to BMW X3, less than 3 weeks after he'd gifted her the X1.

An excited Shorn shared a video of the new, bigger maroon German machine and her joy at the upgrade..

The new mom revealed that she was not happy with the first car she'd received.

According to her, she didn't feel like the black X1 was feminine enough and she wanted a feminine car to go with her look.


Talking about the new car the content creator excitedly said, "I have been told the car is here and I wanted to show you guys! It is pretty and it is so big! We have a new car. Look at it, guys. I love the upgrade. I love the colour, it is really screaming a lady."

"We had a discussions about it and agreed I was going to get an upgrade, so we are getting a different car," Shorn said on her YouTube channel highlighting that she had known that a new car might be coming soon however, not this soon.

Shorn Arwa upgrades from BMW X1 to a BMW X3

Shortly after her husband finishes dealing with the delivery guys, they drive away with the X1 leaving a very elated Shorn with the X3


2 weeks ago the Kenyan YouTuber was gifted a brand-new BMW X1.

According to the mother of one she had wanted to go for driving classes before she can buy a car.

Her husband however had other plans. He decided to give her a car so that she can learn how to drive as she kept postponing it.

In a video shared online, Arwa is seen showing off her car to a family member to the excitement of many.

Replying to people who were mocking the X1 saying it is a small and old car the new mom said, "I really don't know much about cars, as a matter of fact I didn't even know it's an X what I didn't know what brand it was.

Mimi I just knew I have a car. If someone would have even bought me a Vitz or any small car, I would have been so happy."

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