Shorn Arwa gets emotional as she relocates from Kenya to UK

Shorn shared an emotional send off video on her YouTube where she bid family and friends bye

Shorn Arwa gets emotional as she reveals she's relocating from Kenya
Image: Instagram

Kenyan digital content creator Shorn Arwa has revealed she is relocating from her beloved motherland, Kenya to the United Kingdom.

During her send-off party, the mother of one got overly emotional as she recounted how she'd always wanted to leave the country but had never really accounted for the reality of things.

Sharing details from the party and her relocating vlog on YouTube Shorn Arwa revealed some of the fears that she had for herself and her little baby now that they were moving out.

"I was so excited because I have always thought of leaving, I have always dreamt of leaving Kenya but when I finally learnt I was leaving it wasn't as exciting as I thought that moment would feel..." started off the new mom.

She emotionally went on to add that she had not accounted for the fact that she'd be leaving her family and friends, going to a country that couldn't relate to her as they not only had different dialects but meals and stores as well.

"The reality of leaving everything I've known now dawned on me and I was like eehh jamani...." Said Shorn as she choked back tears.

"It hit me I'm going to leave everyone behind, my friends and family and it's a new chapter for me. I'll be like a newborn learning how to walk because I literally don't know anyone there!

I don't know their food, their shops, my accent is different they might not understand what I am saying or I might not understand them and to top it off I have a baby to nurture and bring up while there, in a very new environment" the emotional content creator added as she wiped tears off her eyes.

Shorn added that her heart was breaking as it hit her that her son would never know what it is like to grow up in Kenya and the beauty the country has to offer.

"My son won't know what it feels like to grow up as a child in Kenya. And then things starting hitting me, those days of saying I'm bored let me go to Nairofey's house... or I am bored let me book a flight to Mombasa or Malindi are over.

These are things that I have been trying wrap my head around," Shorn added emotionally as her voice broke and tears streamed down her eyes.

She revealed in as much as all this was difficult for her she was still super excited and happy as she was finally going to be out of a long-distance relationship and would be living with the love of her life.

Shorn Arwa added she was excited to start life with her husband and was looking forward to what the universe had to offer.

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