Shorn Arwa finally responds to Chebet Ronoh's threat

Ronoh had publicly threatened to expose Shorn in her latest online rant

Shorn Arwa.
Image: Instagram/Shorn Arwa.

Kenyan digital content creator, Shorn Arwa has responded to fellow content creator Chebet Ronoh after Ronoh threatened to come after Shorn Arwa in her latest vendetta mission.

Since Friday, Ronoh has been quite busy in her online crucifixion of people in the industry whom she feels rubbed her off wrongly in one way or another.

The 22-year-old has called out people like Kate Actress, and Elsa Majimbo for ripping off her content and passing it as their own.


On her Twitter account, Ronoh had asked YouTuber Shorn Arwa to get ready as she was coming for her next. A move that seems not to have fazed the new mom.

"Shorn Arwa get ready.... whips incoming!" Ronoh's message read.

Barely hours after issuing the threat Shorn replied, letting the young content creator know that she is above petty online wars.


Replying to Ronoh's message Shorn asked the 22-year-old to work on healing her inner self instead of calling people out online. Shorn maintained that now that she was a mom, there are some things that she possibly could not allow herself to engage in.

"After having a baby, there are conversations I honestly can't involve myself in... honestly.

Love and light. I hope you recover from what you are going through sweetie..." Shorn's message read accompanied with the love heart emoji.

Shorn is currently the second person to reply to Ronoh's rants and attacks... actress Kate Kamau led the way with an equally calm yet mature response.

Replying to Ronoh's claims that she was ripping off her skits of Aunty Debs Kate gave the content creator her flowers as she wished her a successful journey in the industry.

She however didn't agree to nor deny copying Ronoh's content... just kept it classy and moved on.

@rono.h we love aunty debs, we want to be aunty debs, the rich aunty, you are such an incredible, consistent content creator. I celebrate you Rono. Keep shining 🙌🏾,” Kate's response read.

Nikita Kering, Kamene Goro and Elsa Majimbo are yet to respond to Ronoh's allegations.

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