Kate Actress's perfect response after Ronoh accused her of copying her content (Screenshot)

Ronoh in an angry rant maintained the two had been ripping off her content and she was fed up

Kate Actress and Chebet Ronoh

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress has responded after comedian Chebet Ronoh accused her of copying her content.

Ronoh had accused Kate Actress and Elsa Majimbo of copying her content but Kate opted to hit back with a classy response.

“Wacha kunizoea aunty debs started this!!! Najua unaniogopa,” Chebet Ronoh wrote on Kate actress’s page.

In a quick rejoinder, Kate hit back saying;

@rono.h we love aunty debs, we want to be aunty debs, the rich aunty, you are such an incredible, consistent content creator . I celebrate you Rono. Keep shining 🙌🏾,”.

Kate Actress;s response
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On Friday, Chebet Ronoh called out the two high profile Kenyan influencers over claims of ripping off her content!

"They copy everything I do mahn!" Rono's tweet read.

She accompanied it with the wailing emoji as well as a confused one highlighting her plight.

Shortly afterwards, seemingly unable to hold it all in anymore Rohoh posted a video where she called out the two influencers.

"I'm calling everyone out! Everybody! Kate actress stop copying me... Elsa Majimbo stop copying me! What do you mean? Like what do you all mean? Are you all out of material?" Ronoh said.

However, a section of netizens seem to agree with Ronoh's claims and are actually applauding her for calling out the two.

Chebet Ronoh's post

Below are a couple of comments:

kamoni.exe:About time she speaks up😂😂

redempta._ngaira:This true though( apo kwa Majimbo).....idk why she waited for all this time

po.lasha__: apo kwa elsa majimbo ni ukweli😂😂😂idk about Kate Actres though😂

tileh_pacbro: Eh kumechemka hapa

wanj1kvv._:Hatujasahau Majimbo alicopy Rono na crips hapo. Nonsense

king_julias: Leo ni kumotoo manze

ifrah_fahima: Waiting for kates comeback😂

kingsophie.a:About time she really speaks up y'all will never have good content as natural as ronoh does it‼️

barbiebentah: Apo kwa Elsa nayo that's true😂😂

official_njorawww: Huyu awachane kabisa na Auntie wa Netflix 😤Majimbo sawa lakini Apo kwa auntie amekuja sana

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