Elsa Majimbo calls out her family in eye-opening rant

In a soon to be released documentary, Elsa talks about her family's criticism towards her art before she blew up

Image: Instagram

US-based Kenyan content creator, Elsa Majimbo in a soon to be released mini-documentary has revealed that her family was opposed to her craft while she was starting out at first.

Elsa, who is known for her unique sense of humour, relatable content and brutal honesty notes how she faced harsh criticism from her own family for her videos before she rose to global fame.

In the short documentary, she reveals how her family reacted to her online content especially her older brother who didn't seem to understand why Elsa was doing what she was doing.


The 21-year-old narrates how her older brother severally expressed his disappointment in her, stating that she was embarrassing the entire family with her videos and discouraged her from creating more content.

Her parents were however, worse and she maintains she has never healed till date.

Even though today Elsa is a global sensation, with numerous accolades to her name she still feels the pain of not having family support on her way to the top.


In the soon-to-drop documentary she further shares how memories of the meetings with her parents break her heart to this day.

She revealed that she doesn't wish to return to Nairobi, Kenya
Content creator Elsa Majimbo She revealed that she doesn't wish to return to Nairobi, Kenya
Image: Instagram

She adds that she dived deeper into content creation because she felt that is the one place where she could truly be herself.

"I felt like online I could fully be myself cause I was in my own space it was just me.

If people were coming they were coming into my space. I wasn't going into anyone’s space so I never had to compromise for anyone," Majimbo says.

Despite the criticism from her family, and her fellow countrymen Elsa soldered on doing what she loves and her sense of humour garnered her a lot of attention. Soon her social media following started growing and then her big break came.

Her hilarious videos resonated with many, especially during the global pandemic, when people were looking for a way to escape the stress and monotony of daily life.

Elsa ended up quitting school and moving to L.A where she quickly and perfectly acclimated herself to the lifestyle of the city and has been thriving since 2021 when she relocated.

“I can never imagine myself living anywhere other than LA,” Elsa said in a past interview with Forbes magazine.

Anxiously awaiting Elsa's documentary to see what more she dishes out and if she features any of her family members in it.

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