Nairofey's ex-husband introduces new bae while in Dubai

The couple broke up 2 months ago barely an year after they got married

Nairofey's ex husband Yeforian introduces his new bae while vacationing in Dubai

Kenyan content creator and businessman Duncan Macharia popularly known as Yeforian has just unveiled that he's in a new relationship 2 months after his dramatic breakup with his wife Nairofey.

Posting to over his 8 thousand followers on Instagram Duncan shared a picture of him and an unidentified girl enjoying Dubai's stunning nightlife.

He had his arm over her shoulder and she lovingly had hers planted across his back in a warm embrace as they both admired the lit-up city.


Captioning the picture he wrote, " good night from us, #Dubai Lifestyle #Dubai Couples, #Dubai Vibes." accompanied by several love emojis.

What got netizens talking though was the choice of music that he used for the photo.

Yeforian accompanied the post with Lysha Tey's "Until I Found You" and he specifically choose the chorus that goes, "I would never fall in love again until I found her, I said I would never fall unless it is you I fall into.


I was lost within the darkness but then I found her, I found you...."

Confirming that indeed she was the one. He also posted the same picture on his Instagram stories with yet another love song confirming that she was the one.

The post comes in just 2 months after Yeforian and his wife Nairofey had a nasty online break-up.

The two had been dating for 4 years and served couple goals via Nairofey's YouTube channel as well as their Instagram posts.

The sordid details about why her marriage to Duncan alias Yeforian Bebe ended became a national topic after their breakup trending online for weeks.

Mainly because Nairofey admitted to buying herself gifts and pretending the man had gotten them for her. She also accused him of taking her YouTube channel and changing all the login details denying her access to her source of income.

The two largely dominated the January trending topics

According to their narrations, they met in 2019 on Facebook where they formed a friendship that grew into love over time.

They then got married in August 2022 a day after Nairofey's 24th birthday in a simple wedding attended by less than five people.

After the wedding, she revealed that she was relocating to Russia to live with her husband but it didn't happen.

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