The Viral photo of Betty and Simbo Kabu that raised eyebrows

Media Personality Betty Kyallo has for the first time broken her silence over a viral photo with Simon Kabu.

In the said photo, Kabu’s wife Sarah Kabu seemed concerned over the conversation that the two were having.

The photos were taken at Akothee’s wedding by comedian Terence Creative.

Speaking to Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Betty explained that she was just having a normal conversation with Simon Kabu and she did not understand why his wife was ‘dying’ with curiosity.

She went on to state that she enjoys a good relationship with The Kabus.

“We were just having a normal conversation with Simon Kabu…it was all about business.

“I left Akothe’s wedding and Gloria told me she was hungry and wanted food to eat... while we are eating we saw the picture trending," Betty said.

Seh questioned; "Mbona alikasirika enyewe and vile wanapenda… you know I can’t do the thing they do together.

Aki Sarah, I just want to say I don’t want him and you guys are my friends, yaani uko safe kabisa.

Betty further stated; “That photo was taken by Terence na nakuona sana,”.

Betty was speaking during the private screen of Kyallo Kulture season two, which is now airing on Showmax.

Asked about why they opted to give their fans and viewers season two of the reality series Betty said;

“When I was called I was like this is more money, a bigger budget. For people to love your content… Eugene called me and he was like season two is here and Cheaque is better so convince your sisters,”

Season two is definitely gonna be the best as it's more candid. We have spoken about this we never thought we will touch.

Kyallo Kulture season two follows the Kyallo sisters on their journeys, separately as well as together, as they relearn each other and attempt to answer the question:

This new season builds on the success of Kyallo Kulture S1, which was a hit with Kenyan viewers, becoming one of the top 10 most-watched shows on Showmax in Kenya in 2022.

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