Reality television star Queen Susan Kaittany teams up with Spotify to launch a new podcast

Popular reality television star and beauty entrepreneur Susan Kaittany is breaking barriers as the first cast member of the popular franchise in Africa to launch a podcast.

In recent years, podcasting has become a popular revenue stream for content creators, with streaming giants such as Spotify investing heavily in providing adequate support for African podcasters.


The new podcast aptly named, “Dangerously Honest” is set to be a platform for bold individuals in the limelight to fearlessly share their stories and take charge of their narratives.

Some of the inaugural guests of the show include Susan’s fellow castmates Dr. Catherine Masitsa Rozsa, and Lisa Christoffersen who share never before heard behind-the-scenes accounts of their time filming the record-breaking show and address some of the biggest questions from their fans and viewers.

“It just feels amazing to finally have a voice. For me turning forty has made me bold, fierce and sassy. It just feels like the perfect time for me to ascend into this new era of my life and hopefully inspire young men and women across the continent to live life fully and unapologetically.”


Susan who has been a vocal advocate for women's empowerment and body positivity and has been using her social media platforms to raise awareness about the negative effects of skinny shaming and cyber-bullying.

Recently, she opened up to the world, boldly sharing her story and inspiring young women across the continent to share their own experiences and heal.

The overwhelmingly positive response from this activity inspired her to launch this podcast as a way for people to get to know her better and hopefully inspire her followers to live life fully and on their terms.

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