Minne Kariuki preparation for steamy acting roles involve hubby

The slay queen at the morning kiss show

Minne Kariuki
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The reality TV star, Minne Kariuki shared how she prepares for steamy roles in an interview that was hosted by Obinna and Kwambox. 

She started off by describing herself as a humble soul with a very gentle aura but when you put her on a show mambo inachemka. 

One thing the entrepreneur is invested in is being real and this is why.


"Real Housewives Of Nairobi is a show I get to be me, I get to be real with my husband, I get to be real with my kids and I get to show people the other side of Minne that they don't know."

Kwambox commended her for how she handles the steamy roles in the movies she has been featured in.

If you have watched the series Single Kiasi you know her character "Mariah" is a lady who is living the high life as everything gets catered for her by her "mubabas" and in turn she gives back a little something something.   


When it comes to preparing for steamy scenes on a show, foreplay with her husband is key.

Mind you her man is a very traditional man.

"If I'm doing a sex role, I get steamy with my husband before so that I can carry that energy to the set, but where there is nudity I have a double stunt, so when you see me that is not me you're seeing, that is a model," the entrepreneur shared.

One thing Minne would want Kenyans to know is that they should be proud of who they are.  

"I just want people to know that we are Kenyans and let us be proud to be Kenyan, why would you call Kiswahili shady? See how South Africans are proud to speak Zulu even on social media platforms."

The mother then addressed her beef with Susan Kaittany, especially the part where she called her a flamingo.

This was her honest opinion on how she looked like in a feathered dress.  

"In the hood, we diss each other with how you are dressed and when I saw her feathers, it reminded me of a flamingo."

Regarding the diss, it was not meant to come out as it did, Kenyans overexaggerated the situation.

Minne went ahead to say she finds the species of the bird to be beautiful.

But even though, she clarified that Kaittany is the one who started bullying her and that she needed to put her in her place.

Call that matching energy. 

"If you can't beat them join them," she finished off. 

When this happened Minne started receiving backlash, it was claimed that she body-shamed Kaittany.

Her argument is that she is also petite. However, she finds Susan to be annoying, a liar, and cannot make a good wife.

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