Real Housewive's Minne Kariuki reveals Eastland's hood she grew up in

The queen of clap backs at morning kiss

Minne Kariuki
Image: Instagram

In today's morning Kiss, Obinna and Kwambox had the pleasure of getting personal with the queen of clap backs, Minne Kariuki. 

She is an actress, an entrepreneur, a show host, a mother, and a housewife.  To start off Kwambox informed Obinna what the diva's first name means.  

"Do you know that the word Minne is a German word meaning love?" she asked.


This surprised the man as he questioned why she does not show love in the Real Housewives Of Nairobi.

The gorgeous lady is also known as "Shiko Wa Mawe" a name that was birthed from the juakali industry she associated with.  

She is a daddy's girl as well as a mummy's girl.


Growing up her parents worked as constructors and it is something she does and grew up to love. 

"That's what I do, I love seeing buildings coming up in Nairobi, I started construction at a very young age, at the age of 23," she said. 

The entrepreneur finished her high school education and proceeded to college to venture into acting. 

She has been featured on Tabasamu, Ma Empress, Single Kiasi and now Real Housewives Of Nairobi.

The highlights of her acting career are the people she has managed to work with.

"I've been working with amazing production houses, Philit Production, Kentv, and now Insignia, and the transitions of us telling our Kenyans stories," Minne stated. 

The actress feels that writers will eventually make a mark in the global acting industry if they start owning up to their Kenyan stories.

For most actors morphing into a role is difficult, but for her, it is not a hustle.

"I am a slay queen, I am a diva, it is not hard for me because I have been playing roles of a slay queen, it is something I have been doing for a while," she shared.

She continues to say how at one point she pleaded with her director to give her a more authoritative role, like a teacher or a mother because it is something she has had experience in.

When it comes to balancing her life and her duties, the housewife had a different perspective to bring forth. 

"What is balance, there is nothing called balance. I am actually really fighting with that, that is something that is difficult for me to do.

"I realized that balance is not giving it 50, it is actually giving it 100, and that is what I am trying to do, I am still struggling, and I will be vulnerable enough to say it," explained Minne.

She also explained where her feistiness comes from.  

"I was brought up in the hood, I come from Huruma, come backs ziko tu kwa mdomo. In the hood you will have to be straight up because if you are not you will be caught slacking," the actress said.  

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