Crazy Kennar and Stanley Omondi

Digital content creator Stanley Omondi has been forced to clear the air on reports of bad blood with his fellow creator Crazy Kennar.

In a video, Omondi said that he is still on good terms with Kennar as opposed to fake betrayal stories that are being peddled online.’

According to Omondi, he wanted to focus on growing his brand 100% and that's why he opted to part ways with Kennar.


He assured his fans that he still enjoys a close bond with Kennar- ranking him as his best content creator in Kenya.

The unexplained disappearance of Omondi from Kennar’s team had raised eyebrows among their fans, leading to speculation that made Crazy Kennar a trending topic.

Here is Stanley Omondi's explanation in part;


“There is so much noise in the silence…mara Kennar ameomoka akaachana na maboys.

“You are taking this thing far and let me break it down for you. I’m a cinematographer and also an entertainer

“I do well when I’m behind the camera than in front of the camera so for the team I decided that I will totally be behind the camera, whether you guys will ask for it or not. I wanted to focus 100% percent on my brand.

“This was a c conversation that we had with Crazy Kennar and we argued a lot with him. He was not ready to let me go but I had to plead with him to allow me to focus on my brand that’s what I’m doing right now.

“Few people love what I do and please continue showing some love. But those people trying to bring Kennar down saying he abandoned me and sided with ladies, please let’s not spread propaganda

This guy has always been there for me and I will always be there for him. So you will see projects directed by Stanley Omondi or even DOP.

“So Kennar I had to say this because I could not watch people trying to bring you down for things that you did not do.

If you love what I do just love it because I used to do my videos way back and I even have a video with the most views…right now the fact that I’m not being seen on the Crazy Kennar platform and I’m still doing what I was doing… but I’m not focused on that at all because I know whatever we say Kennar will still be delivering the best content. He is the best and if you ask me to name my favorite content creator it will still be him,” Omondi explained.

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