Miguna Miguna’s truthful letter to President Ruto & Gachagua

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has penned an open letter to the Kenya Kwanza Government under the leadership of President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

In a tweet, Miguna advised President Ruto to consider withdrawing the Finance Bill 2023 and at the same time suspend the implementation of the Housing Levy.

“My unsolicited advice to Kenya Kwanza, President  @WilliamsRuto  and Deputy President @rigathi Pull back. Listen to Kenyans. Withdraw the Finance Bill 2023. Postpone the implementation of the Housing Levy.


Miguna challenged the two leaders to go back to the drawing board and even consider replacing their communication teams with new faces.

“Reshuffle your communications team and hire two or three FRESH FACES. Return to the Drawing Board.

“Hire new, independent, and TRUTHFUL ADVISORS. Reshuffle your communications team and hire two or three FRESH FACES. Don’t rely on YES MEN and YES WOMEN.


“Don’t be defensive. Don’t argue with the PEOPLE,” Miguna said.

The top lawyer also cautioned the President to stop hiring and recycling incompetent leaders into public offices.

Stop entrenching the perception that you are only hiring exclusively from TWO ETHNIC GROUPS. Stop hiring and recycling incompetent failures and graft-riddled conmen.

“The reckless talk about TWO SHAREHOLDERS in a country of 50 million people is political suicide. Mwai Kibaki was elected with 68% of votes but was defeated in a referendum 2 years later,” Miguna continued.

Miguna further pointed out that Opposition leader Raila Odinga was gaining popularity out of the blunders being committed by senior government officials.

"Conman  @RailaOdinga is gaining popularity because many of the senior government officials you have appointed are failing to engage Kenyans in a transparent, respectful, and accountable manner. Urgently address the issues of the high cost of living, corruption, and tribalism.

“We must stop the downward spiral and steady the ship. The time is now,” Miguna stated.