Baha and Oga Obinna

Comedian and media Personality Oga Obinna has offered actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha a job hours after he was exposed by US-based Kenyan Nurse Judy.

In a video seen by this Writer, Obinna appealed to Baha to reach out to him for the said job offer, in a bid to help him bounce back to his feet.

“Baha I have a job for you, I have messed you up on Instagram, (people tell Baha to look for me) so that we can try and remedy the situation temporarily as we plan for bigger and better things

So I have a job for you Baha, reach out to me so that I can give you a job that will help take care of a few bills as we wait for bigger things. And if there is any other person who has a job, let's reach out to him, he has the numbers and he can deliver. Boy Child for Boychild. Let’s try and reach out to Baha and others, who may be going through something," said Obina.

At the same time Obinna, clarified his sympathetic message to Baha after Nurse Judy appeared to differ with him.

Obinna had asked Kenyans to be kind to Baha, saying content creators have been going through a lot.

“Nurse Judy I have seen your video and I don’t know the situation, just like I said in my video between you and Baha.

"The video I did was not just addressed to you but to also the other guy who came out to say Baha borrowed money from him. So I was just saying in general that a lot of people are going through a lot of things.

"And I said the reason this story bi big is because Baha is in a public space, we have a lot of people who owe us money or we owe money and people don’t talk about it because it's on private.

"So I was just telling people let's be kind to each other and I hope it gets solved,”. Obinna said.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Nurse Judy replied to Obinna saying she never intended to expose Baha until she found out that he used a fake scenario to obtain money from her.

“The reason I did the video is after I found out that Baha scammed me…I did not do the story to expose him, but my problem is that he is scamming people. My problem is that whatever he told me was all a lie,” Nurse Judy said in part.

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