Actor Baha and Georgina

Tyler Mbaya, known by many as Baha from his role in the classic local drama series has been exposed for allegedly being a scammer.

A social media user Nurse Judy exposed the actor of not returning money he owed her. Other social media users have also come out to address the same.

Judy claimed that the actor reached out to her begging for money over financial difficulties and that his family was facing eviction.


Nurse Judy also alleged that she spoke to Baha's wife Georgina Njenga who disowned the eviction story.

"From the look of things I don't feel like that could be the case. So kindly please niambie kama Baha is a scam or if you guys are actually being evicted."

Judy also claimed, "The wife akaniambia ye hajawahi sikia kitu kama hiyo, ye ndio analipanga bills, everything is ok, na hii pesa Baha anaomba ni yake ya betting na amekuwa na hiyo shida."


Judy alleged that Georgina disclosed to her that Baha regularly asks people for money to indulge in his betting habit.

"Lakini nyumba imelipwa kila kitu iko covered na Georgina. So that's what she told me, akaniambia if he asked you for money it was not money to help us and the family, it was money to help himself."

Reacting to the expose, Baha said he was not okay and was selling his social media account.

"Selling My Instagram and TikTok accounts, DM your inquiries." 

Adding "I'm not okay, I'm working on it."

Meanwhile, Baha and his baby mama have unfollowed each other on social media.