Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has caused hullaballoo on social media after he appeared in public staggering.


In a viral video that is doing rounds on social media, Platnumz is seen alighting from a Prado as he goes on to board a smaller car.

In the process, the star appears drunk as his staggering nature is easily noticeable.


In the said video Platnumz was also shirtless. Reports indicate that he was going to perform at the Yanga Football Club event when the video was taken.

The virality of the clip has elicited mixed reactions among his fans and followers.

A section argued that the star was drunk while others were quick to defend him saying the tension of the event he was about to perform at put him in that state.

Others opted to tag Diamond’s brother Romy Jons appealing to him to check on his Younger brother.

However, Romy said that he is not in a position to even post his brother in such a state and those with questions should mind their business.

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