American-born, Ghanaian singer and, songwriter Fantana

Ghanaian singer Fantana gained fame in East Africa after she and Diamond Platnumz kissed on Netflix's Young, Famous, And African show.

Fantana has described herself as the female version of Diamond as they understand each other.

When asked whether she felt Diamond was genuine with her, for hooking up with her while still dating Zuchu, Fantana said;


"Before anything, we were friends. We are similar in a lot of ways, people say he is the male version of me, we both go with the flow. Like we wanna be together today but we will be with other people tomorrow. I feel like not many people understand that type of relationship." She said in an interview with the cast

Adding "We have an understanding."

So, how far is she willing to fight for Diamond?


"I don't fight for anyone. I may like you this week and next week I may not. It just depends on how I feel."

On the show, Fantana and Zari did not see eye to eye. Zari recently told journalists that she did not like the fact that Diamond discussed her with a chick he was jusr 

“I was not jealous of that girl, my problem is with my baby daddy Diamond, sitting with another woman discussing me, I respect Diamond so much, he is the father of my kids and we are always going to have this relationship, but if you sit and discuss me and give the other person the confidence to abuse me that is where you cross the line," Zari told journalists when she had just arrived in Tanzania from South Africa

“I can’t sit down with my husband right now and start discussing Diamond, never. Diamond could have just seduced this girl without using my name and I know it’s possible.

“She can’t say I did my body to look like her… she was a nobody before the reality show. All of you have known after the show, so how can I go to enhance my body to look like her?

“A woman undergoing surgery is just enhancing the body and getting that self-confidence."