Kamene Goro washing her Omena

Media personality Kamene Goro has sparked mixed reactions after her video washing Omena with soap surfaced online.

In the video, Kamene could be seen in the company of her husband DJ Bonnez and Oga Obinna. Obinna watches his former colleague in disbelief as she continues to add more soap to the Omena.

The act prompts DJ Bonnz to protest, telling his wife that that is not how things are done.


Kamene on a new episode on the Kamene and Obinna YouTube channel gives fans a glimpse into how she prepares omena before cooking it.

She takes to the kitchen sink holding soap and disinfectant, as the rest question her actions.

The episode goes down in Kamene's home where even her cute dog Mali is given an omena treat. Obinna had gone to teach Kamene how to cook it.


"Ye hukula hizi vitu kama crisps.

I know how to cook omena guys I cook everything, yenye imenishinda sasa ni ugali. to which io ni life pia." Kamene informed Oga

The former Kiss FM presenter tells Obinna that omena has to be washed first

"To get the smell so you know omena has a pungent smell so what I want us to do is to get rid of that first"

Obinna interjects and tells her it depends on where you buy the delicacy.

Kamene tells him that the items he brought are smelling, forcing him to smell the bag containing the Omena.

"So I am gonna get a basin where I want us to clean the omena. so that we can get rid of that smell. " She addresses the camera adding

"I've done this several times, so warm some water then we're gonna put in some small disinfectant then a little hand wash just a bit of soap. We want clean, clean but we will rinse it after this, so it will be safe," Obinna exclaims about the danger in it

"Ngoja ameweka omena hapo ndani serious?"

Kamene laughs saying

"No guys wait, listen I will rinse it after this but I've done this before babe na hauku hara "

Her husband Deejay Bonez254 takes the omena from Kamene claiming she has never cooked omena before as she insists.

Obinna is rather curious about Kamens reasoning urging Deejay Bonez to let her wash it because he will cook another bunch that is safe to eat.

"Wacha ashugulike mke wako huyo she is your wife, si unafaa job ya kumfunza" he laughs.

Kamene rubs the omena in between her hands

"So what you can do is to rub it in between your hands' guys, look at that it's so nice and clean." she expresses joy at her skills.

The two gentlemen get so upset with her, they stop her from doing it and take away her apron.

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