Shorn Arwa highlights why Nigerians do better than Kenyans

Shorn highlighted Kenyans were such chill individuals and had no hunger for life.

Shorn Arwa highlights why NIgerians are doing better than Kenyans
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Digital content creator and social media influencer Shorn Arwa has highlighted why she feels Nigerians tend to do better than Kenyans.

The content creator who just recently relocated to the UK to live with her Nigerian husband shared a video of her doing her makeup where she went on to praise Nigerians for having a go-getter mindset.

Shorn highlighted Kenyans were such chill individuals and had no hunger for life.

"As Kenyans, we have a lot of 'hakuna matata' (no worries) whatever happens but in Nigeria, there is 'matata' (worries)! A lot of worries" started off the new mom.

She went on to gas up people from Nigeria as she hinted at how hardworking they were.

"You either worry about your life and future or you are doomed! In Nigeria you can't just sit and say 'hakuna matata' otherwise you are doomed. 

And that is why Nigerians take up a lot of space," Shorn added.

Following up on her earlier remarks the digital content creator revealed she had decided to take up the West African way of living and hustle like there is no tomorrow.

A huge contrast to her baby girl and soft girl era lifestyle that she has been parading over social media.

"And from today henceforth I'm going to identify as a Nigerian. I'm going to do whatever it takes. I'm going to do whatever. You know it is like these people don't even know the meaning of stop.

It is like enough, people are laughing... they don't know to stop. It's crazy but I love Nigerians," Shorn Arwa animatedly revealed.

The digital content creator went on to congratulate the nation for their teamwork and the level of support that they accord their own.

"Like look at the likes of Rema... I remember him when he was just starting to perform, look at him now, the hard work, the push!

And the support that Nigerians give their own... It is literally ridiculous. I love, love it! Am I obsessed with Nigerians? Of course! I married one," finished up Shorn as she asked Kenyans to chill on their 'hakuna matata' vibe.

What is your take on all of this?

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