Larry Madowo meets Kenyan who drove from Nairobi to Portugal in 6 months
Image: courtesy

A Kenyan driver has excited Kenyans after he drove from Kenya to Portugal in six months.

Kim Musau departed Kenya and drove to Namibia, Morocco and took a ferry to Spain and drove to Portugal.

In a statement on Sunday, CNN Journalist Larry Madowo expressed his happiness after meeting him in Portugal.


"Ran into a Kenyan car in Portugal! Kim Musau has been on the road for 6 months. He left Nairobi and drove down to Namibia, then along the coastline to Morocco, ferry to Spain and now he’s here. Are you not jealous?"

Musau kept his social media followers updated during his journey.

"This solo exploration hasn't been easy. My pockets are empty but my heart is full," he said.


Many appreciated him saying they felt like they travelled with him on his journey.

Kenyans on Twitter congratulated him for the leap of faith and courage to explore the world.

"Congratulations, Alpha. You are an inspiration to many black African travellers. May the much-needed financial help come through? Having done just East and Southern Africa, we felt the pinch. We are recovering financially too, but our hearts are so full," She Defender said.

"Congratulations man on that. My trip is scheduled for Nov 2031 With a brand full-kitted Landcruiser 79," Chege said.