Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi goes on ‘Omba Omba’ mission as he raises Sh140K in Tanzania

Eric Omondi raises Sh140K as goes begging in Tanzania 

Award-winning Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi managed to raise at least Sh140, 000 during his recent show in Tanzania.


The funnyman used his stage to beg the audience to donate money to him stating that Kenya is in a bad state due to the high cost of living.

He said that the purpose of his abrupt ‘fundraising’ was to try a cushion a section of needy Kenyans from the high cost of living.

He also revealed plans to start a worldwide tour dubbed ‘Woiyee Tour’ to try and fundraise money for struggling Kenyans.


“Kenya nimeskia Petroli imepanda. Mimi Jana pale Dodoma niliendelea kuchanga Hela ya Kuwasaidia Wakenya Wenzangu. Collected around Ksh 140,000. I am Officially Starting the "WOIYEEE TOUR!" I will be going around the World Begging for Money from Every City,” Omondi said.

Just the other day, the comedian also alleged that he managed to collect Sh340K after he went begging on the streets of London.

People could be seen giving money to him while he is seated on one of the busy streets in London.

However, his begging activities were briefly interrupted by police.

“Wakiomba tunaomba...While in the UK I took some time to Raise some money in the Streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans juu sasa kumbaya. I managed to Raise Ksh 340,000 which I will use to buy Unga for a few Kenyans and Laptops for upcoming Content Creators. (Alafu sasa kuna huyo Mzungu racist🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️),” Omondi shared.

The comedian went to the UK the other day after CS Moses Kuria expressed regret in sponsoring his first trip to the US.

The comedian said that he was going to London for Lunch just to prove a point to Kuria that he can now afford a luxurious life.

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