Eric Omondi, Stevo Simple Boy and Obinna

Media Personality Oga Obinna has expressed his disappointment in fellow comedian Eric Omondi for donating Unga and sugar to struggling artiste Stevo Simple Boy.


Obinna alleged that Omondi took Sh2500 shopping to Stevo instead of helping him secure a job that will put food on his table.

The former Kiss100 Presenter argued that Stevo needs a long-term solution to his tribulations and not handouts and not cheap publicity stunts.


“Eric Omondi I'm so disappointed in you, that was very stupid of you!! Hata kama ni PR that was STUPID & BENEATH YOU. You can do better for stivo.


“What has pissed me off is Eric Omondi trying to capitalize on that situation for himself. He went to visit Stevo with 1kg of sugar and Unga and other small things. That was a very foolish move. How will 1kg of sugar and Unga help Stevo? The shopping Eric did is not more than Sh2500. A whole Eric Omondi? Do you know who Eric Omondi is?," Obinna said.

The comedian also highlighted that he is disappointed in bloggers who have been using Stevo for their own selfish reasons – YouTube views and Instagram likes.


“If you want to help Stevo genuinely, find the guy a job. If it's influencing or something because we all know music doesn’t pay in Kenya. Even if its Sh30,000 he can use it to plan his things,”

Obinna also asked Stevo’s former manager to explain to Kenyans how they used Simple Boy’s money when he used to do shows.

“If you don’t steal Stevo’s money, so where is the money? We want to know how much he made since you signed him and all the shows he has done. We need to hold you accountable. Stop including Stevo’s wife in all the drama she doesn’t know anything. She did whistleblowing and that’s fine," the comedian added.

Obina further stated that he had secured a deal for Stevo Simple Boy but the people who were around him ended up ruining everything for him.

“I have secured a deal for Stevo Simple Boy but be signed as an influencer for this Betting company. I reach out to Stevo…genuinely I had good intentions about Stevo but people have decided to spoil the whole thing,” Obinna said.

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