asks his ex to stay off his business
Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy asks his ex to stay off his business
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After hearing rumors that artist Stevo Simple Boy is bankrupt and living in abject poverty, his management, Men In Business (MIB), has spoken out.

In a statement, MIB revealed a letter issued to Stephen Otieno Adera, aka Stevo Simple Boy, with the subject line "Contract Termination."

The contract was terminated without explanation from management.

"We would like to notify you that we no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with you. This letter serves as a notice to you our intent to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols," read part of the letter.

The management continued by pleading with the singer to cooperate during this time of change so that the termination procedure may proceed without incident.


"Termination of the contract will be effective as of 31st July hence we have 35 days of tabling both parties' interest for a smooth transition.

During the process, all parties will be paused and a lawful process of events will be followed  in accordance."

Thanking the performer for his cooperation throughout their contract, the letter closes with the phrase "Please don't hesitate to get in touch."

Vincent Mboya was informed by the singer's wife Grace last week that they were so poor that they were going without food.


"A lot of people assume that Stevo is the one who operates his Tiktok and Instagram pages but he is not. Many complain about wanting to help him but he is unreachable. 

It hurts me to talk about this. He has nothing. People assume he is living a good life but he is struggling. He is struggling, you can contact him or send him any financial help. He will deeply appreciate it." 

Yani anaumia sana. Mi nikijaribu kuongea like ..pain ingine kali sana. Sijui mtamsaidia vipi hana chochote."