Achana na biashara zangu-Simpleboy's message to Pritty Vishy

Ex kaa kando jamani, wachana na biashara zangu kabisaa..- Stevo

asks his ex to stay off his business
Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy asks his ex to stay off his business
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy is sending a message to his ex girlfriend digital content creator Pritty Vishy, "stay away from my business..."

The recording and performing artist took to his Instagram page to pass the message to his ex who seemingly always has something to say about his life especially when it comes to his love life and music.

"Ex kaa kando jamani, wachana na biashara zangu kabisaa... (dear ex please stay away, take a step from my life and leave my business be)" the first part of the Freshi Barida hit makers post read.

He went on to add that she can go on with her life and do content without constantly mentioning his name.

"Si lazima unitaje kila saa duuh! (You don't have to keep on constantly mentioning my name in everything you do!)" Stevo added.

He finished off by asking his fans if they also had such exes who are stuck on them and can't seem to stay off their business even though they parted ways ages ago.

"Sijui kama ma ex zenu pia wako hivi, (I don't know if your exes are also like this guys)" The last of his post read.

Stevo and Pritty Vishy dated for a while before breaking up in early 2022. Ever since then they have been a lot of back and forth between the two with them airing out their dirty laundry online.

3 months ago Pritty Vishy released a diss track to her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy.

Vishy is the ex who claims to have moved on but ironically can't keep their former partner's name off their mouth.

The song titled "Dear Ex" currently has over 84k views since its release and over 5.3k likes. 

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