What made Stevo Simple Boy choose current wife over Pritty Vishy

The rapper disclosed that he has been dating Grace for the past four years.

Stevo Simple Boy with his 'wife'.
Image: Instagram

Singer Stephen Otieno Adera popularly known as Stevo Simple Boy has revealed that his wife Grace Atieno's behavior is what attracted him.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, the rapper revealed that he has been dating Grace for the past four years.

Stevo pointed out that he weighed the characteristics of his wife and his ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, and finally made his decision.


"When you have two girls, you look at who has personality, and who is kind and humble. For me, her humility and tolerance made me attracted to her," said the artist originally from Kibera.

The singer made it clear that before his wife did not believe him at all because she believed in the concept that artists have many lovers.

He revealed that Grace believed their relationship was real after she introduced her to his family members.


"Even before father died, he was saying he wanted to see her. But unfortunately, father died before he could see her," he said.

Simple Boy publicly introduced Grace Atieno as his real wife during his father's funeral on February 11.

"Praise be to the Lord. My name is Stephen Otieno. I am Anthony Adera's son, and this is my wife," said the singer before handing the microphone to his beautiful wife who was standing beside him.

After receiving the microphone, Ms. Atieno mourned her father-in-law while clearly showing the closeness that existed between her and the deceased.

"Praise be to the Lord. My name is Grace Atieno. I am married to Mr. Stephen Otieno. I feel bad losing someone..."

Grace said before she was overcome with emotion and burst into tears. In an interview, Stevo made it clear that he currently lives with his life partner in Nairobi.

He made it clear that he and Grace are very much in love and plan to continue their relationship.

Stevo broke up with entertainer Pritty Vishy early last year, just months after their relationship went public.

The two, however, were said to have never had a romantic relationship as Stevo was said to want to wait for marriage before having sex with the 21-year-old entertainer.