'People think Stevo Simple Boy is a joker!' KRG furiously declares

The hit maker of 'Mambo Imechemka' at the Morning Kiss

Krg The Don
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Musical artist KRG The Don had a very juicy conversation with Kwambox and Obinna on where his wealth comes from and who he is beefing with and why.  

The hit maker of "Mambo Imechemka" started by disclosing that Obinna is always nowhere to be found when he comes around.

"Obinna has been avoiding me for two years, every time I come he is busy," the artist said. 


The man did not reveal his ethnicity when he was asked where he comes from.   

"Mimi ni Mkenya halisi, I can speak any language in this country."

Concerning his source of wealth, he shared that he has acquired it from his wide range of projects.   


I'm a jack of all trades I'm a farmer, I'm in real estate, I'm in the transport business, entertainment here and there, fashion, car business, entertainment joints, all that," KRG explained. 

When Obinna voiced that he is too young to have the kind of money he has, the hitmaker explained that looking at things from that perspective is a thing of the past. 

"In the world right now you can invent something and it's the hottest thing in the world and you will make money," he mentioned.  

Apart from being a master at clap backs, he gave advice to Kenyans who want to be like him. 

"First of all you need to focus on what is important in life, and if you have something you are doing do it to the best of your ability at that particular moment."

He does not believe in the work-hard philosophy of making it in life, according to him you just have to plan yourself well. 

"You can do a lot of things at the same time, you can do teaching have a shop, do farming all at once," the artist stated.

He cleared the air regarding his beef with Stevo Simple Boy on why he called him ugly. 

"I have come to discover that Kenyans when they want clout they have to mention my name and I have to stop them before it goes any further."

When Kwambox shared that Kenyans love Stevo, KRG was puzzled. 

"What do they love about him? They take him for a joker," he said. 

He continued to explain to the hosts where the beef started from. 

"He started it, I just saw it online saying he does not know who I am. Ata wazimu wananijua, vipofu wananiona so how can you say you don't know me?" the hitmaker ranted. 

He said he was not trying to start anything but when you come for him best believe he will run you to the ground. 

He does not keep quiet and neither does he let go because it is him that ends up feeling hurt. 

"If you are fighting your enemy fight them by all means possible, use your best weapon."

Andrew Kibe is one of the people KRG is having a hard time with.

Kibe came for him saying "hana kisogo" to which he responded "kisogo ni boot ya kubeba ujinga"

The real estate enthusiast continued to explain that the reason he beefs with Kibe is that he comes for men who take care of their families when he can't do the same.  

"I have beef with people like Kibe because you cannot start calling out men like us, and who are younger than you and we are holding our families down. I call him a sperm donor because that's what he did then ran away," explained KRG. 

The hitmaker used to have beef with his baby mama but he cleared that up.

Obinna commended him for being a good dad saying that he does not advocate for deadbeat dads.

The man of various projects also shared why when he is not getting along with someone he goes through social media. 

"The thing is that is how the world is right now, when someone blocks you where will you address them from? You have to go to social media, if they don't get it the neighbors and friends will."

He has two singles coming up with Rayvanny and is also planning to drop an EP with him.

He was also looking to do a collaboration with Burna Boy and Patoranking but things did not work out as he had hoped.

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