Kenyan's can't afford me- KRG on why he'll no longer do shows in the country

The artist maintained Kenyan promoters/event organizers can't afford him or his security detail

KRG the Don says he'll no longer do shows in Kenya
Image: Instagram

Ladies and gentlemen, if you had hoped to see KRG live in a concert performing you just might have to travel outside the country for that or be contended with watching him on YouTube.

Honestly speaking I've never heard of a KRG concert so I don't know what to feel about his latest revealation.

Speaking off, iyou all though KRG had direspected you when he said he won't be taking pictures with fans who own low quality cheap phones you are about to be overly violated with his latest remarks.

According to the father of 3 he will no longer be doing concerts or shows in Kenya as you all are too poor to afford his rates!

His words not mine.

"I have done a few and I noticed they really cant afford me because right now my rate card is high." Announced KRG while talking to Vincent Mboya.

Still on the subject of Kenyans being paupers, KRG added that club promoters or other people that invite him for performances can hardly afford to hire a security team that would protect him from being targeted by enemies.

It is hilarious for him to say that yet he goes clubbing like a normal Kenyan without a security team... but what do I know?

He went on to point out that he requires KDF, GSU and other high ranking security details because of the risks of the entertainment industry. No but seriously, "kwani tuko nchi ingine?"

Maybe he's being problematic to drag in traffic ahead of his yet to be released song featuring Duffla Diligon.

What are these charges that he claims are too high for us to afford, you wonder. Well according to the dance hall artist he charges anything from 25,000 dollars just for an apearance, while to sing would cost over 40,000 dollars.

That is over 3.1 million and about 5 million for the above mentioned acts.

IN a different interview with SPM Buzz the artist touched on the topic of him parading a fake lifestlye for social media.

Bugaa emphasized that he does not live a fake life, more so about the cars he owns. He maintained that he has a multitude of vehicles all under his name.

"Haina shida ambao wana sema labda ni zao. But it is me who drives these vehicles," Bughaa told his doubters

While trolling the critics he went on to add, "kweli kabisa hizi gari zote si zangu ni za ma kampuni tofauti, mimi nimenunua tuu kuendesha.

Hakuna ile mi nimetengeneza ingine kama Range Rover Vogue ni ya kampuni mi nimenunua tuu kuendesha."

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