KRG the Don asks poor fans to stay away from him

The artist warned he'd throw away their cheap phones if they tried taking pictures with him with them

has asked fans with cheap phones to stay away from him
KRG the Don has asked fans with cheap phones to stay away from him
Image: Instagram

Another day with some fresh shade from dancehall artiste and self-proclaimed billionaire Krg the Don, Bughaa himself.

The artist has evolved from posting his monthly M-Pesa spending to show off how lavish he is living and he is now coming for the paupers.

In his own words, Don doesn't want cheap phones anywhere near him or taking pictures of him! And that is on period.

Taking to his Instagram stories Krg posed a message and warning to his fans, "if you don't have a good high-grade phone with an immaculate camera, stay very very far away from me."

I mean he recently bought two of the newly launched and much coveted iPhone 14's so the shade might be justified. Nopes! I disagree.

"Mafans nataka tuelewane kidogo please... Hii mambo ya kutaka picha na Bughaaa na simu yako iko chini ukipiga picha tunakaa kama vitungu mimi staki kabisa.

(Dear fans I want us to come to an understanding... this business of constantly wanting to take selfies with me and you have a cheap low-grade phone whose camera makes us look like onions once we take pictures I don't want it anymore! I have refused!)" Part of Krg's post read.

The father of three went on to advise his fans to either buy good phones or just admire him with their eyes without requesting weird-looking pictures with the cheap phones.

"It's either mnunue simu za maana ama you just kula mimi na macho tu."

He then proceeded to warn that going forth if you approached him with the said low-grade phones he'd automatically smash it on the ground, Chris Brown style. 

Do you all remember when CB came to Kenya and then smashed a lady's phone at the airport?

"From today henceforth if you come to me for a selfie session na hizo simu mchinku tena utaona tu I will just take it n drop it on the floor ama kwa maji direct!!!!

Staki Machozi Kapsa." The last of Krg's messages to his fans read.

I guess we all have no choice but to become billionaires overnight now.

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