The millions KRG the Don pays as fees for his kids

KRG the Don has three kids that are in school, and one is yet to join

KRG the Don reveals the millions he pays as school fees for his kids
KRG the Don KRG the Don reveals the millions he pays as school fees for his kids
Image: Instagram

Flamboyant rapper, KRG The Don, speaking to Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, has revealed the figures he pays as school fees for his kids.

As expected, the artist did not shy away from revealing the details as he said for the three kids in school right now, he pays approximately Sh4.8 million.

"Watoto wangu wanasoma Nairobi, kuna mmoja nalipa laki saba (700,000), kuna mwingine nalipa laki sita (600,000), na kuna mwingine nalipa laki tatu (300,000). (My kids' school in Nairobi, there is one that I pay Khs. 700,000, the other one Khs. 600,000, the other one Khs. 300,000.)

"Na kuna mwingine ndio anataka kuanza shule, ukipiga kwa jumla haraka haraka, kwa mwaka, mtoto mmoja anachukua milioni mbili na laki (2,100,000), mwingine anachukua milioni moja laki nane (1,800,000), mwingine laki tisa (900,000). (The other one is yet to begin. If you do the quick math, you will find in a year, I pay for one child Khs. 2,100,000, the other takes Khs. 1,800,000 and the other one Khs 900,000)"

He went on to state; "Mwingine wa mwisho ambaye ana miaka tatu akianza shule nitawepea mambo. (The last born is three years and he is yet to join school when he does, I will give you the details.)"

KRG has a close and intimate relationship with his children if the socials are any proof.

A week ago, he celebrated his son in a sweet message as he wrote,

"As we celebrate the 5th president it’s also my son’s 5th birthday!!! Our Family Doctor is officially 5yrs today!!!!

My papa @naemgram I love you ❤️ so much since last year we have spent so much time together and I have come to realize that in this world being a parent to you is a blessing, not a burden as it may seem from other people's point of view.

Adding that; "I wish you nothing but the very best in this life and afterlife... You light up my world every day with your smiling face!!!!

"Mungu akubariki Mwanangu 🙏🙏🙏 Nakupenda Sana ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I stopped almost everything I was doing Just to be a present dad until the day you will be old enough to take care of yourself and your siblings…. It’s a celebration and we must enjoy your birthday in style."

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